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December, 2014

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Electronic health records and adverse drug events after patient transfer
Boockvar KS et al, Quality & Safety in Health Care, 2010 (Abstract)

Electronic health records and national patient-safety goals
Sittig DF and Singh H. N. Engl. J. Med., 367(19) (Full article)

Electronic health records and quality of care for heart failure
Walsh MN, et al, American Heart Journal, 159(4) (Abstract)

Electronic health records and the board’s connection
Bernd, David L., Trustee Magazine, 62(10) (Full article)

Electronic health records in ambulatory care–a national survey of physicians
DesRoches, Catherine et al, N Engl J Med, 359(1) (Full article)

Electronic health records in four community physician practices: impact on quality and cost of care
Welch WP et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 14(3) (Full article)

Electronic health records in outpatient clinics: perspectives of third year medical students
Rouf, Emran et al, BMC Medical Education, 8 (Full article)

Electronic health records in small physician practices: availability, use, and perceived benefits
Rao SR et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 18(3) (Abstract)

Electronic health records to coordinate decision making for complex patients: what can we learn from wiki?
Naik AD, Singh H. Medical Decision Making, 30(6) (Abstract)

Electronic health records, clinical decision support, and blood pressure control
Samal L et al, The American journal of managed care, 17(9) (Full article)

Electronic health records: Is the evidence base any use?
Clamp, S., and J. Keen, Informatics for Health and Social Care, 32, no. 1 (Abstract)

Electronic health records: an asset or a whole lot of hype?
Webster, Paul Christopher, CMAJ, 2010 (Full article)

Electronic health records: implications for drug discovery
Yao L et al, Drug Discovery Today, 2011 (Abstract)

Electronic health records: use, barriers and satisfaction among physicians who care for black and Hispanic patients
Jha, Ashish K. et al, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 15(1) (Full article)

Electronic health records: which practices have them, and how are clinicians using them?
Simon SR et al, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 14(1) (Abstract)

Electronic medical record adoption and use in home health and hospice
Bercovitz A et al, NCHS Data Brief, 45 (Full article)

Electronic medical record quality and its impact on user satisfaction — Healthcare providers’ point of view
Chang I-C et al, Government Information Quarterly, 2011 (Abstract)

Electronic medical record use and efficiency: A DEA and windows analysis of hospitals
Swanson Kazley, Abby, and Yasar A. Ozcan, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 43(3) (Abstract)

Electronic medical record use in pediatric primary care
Fiks AG et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 18(1) (Abstract)

Electronic medical records and diabetes quality of care: results from a sample of family medicine practices
Crosson JC et al, Annals of Family Medicine, 5(3) (Full article)

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