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December, 2014

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Author Overview

Crosson, Jesse C.

5 article(s).

Electronic medical records and diabetes quality of care: results from a sample of family medicine practices
Crosson JC et al, Annals of Family Medicine, 5(3) (Full article)

Electronic medical records are not associated with improved documentation in community primary care practices
Hahn KA et al, American Journal of Medical Quality, 26(4) (Abstract)

Meaningful Use of Electronic Prescribing in 5 Exemplar Primary Care Practices
Crosson JC et al, Annals of Family Medicine, 9(5) (Full article)

Perceptions of standards-based electronic prescribing systems as implemented in outpatient primary care: a physician survey
Wang, C. Jason et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 16(4) (Full article)

Typical Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care Practices and the Quality of Diabetes Care
Crosson JC et al, The Annals of Family Medicine, 10(3) (Full article)