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December, 2014

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Author Overview

Ferris, Timothy G.

6 article(s).

Effect of Electronic Prescribing With Formulary Decision Support on Medication Use and Cost
Fischer, Michael A. et al, Arch Intern Med, 168(22) (Abstract)

Electronic Health Record Adoption by Children's Hospitals in the United States
Nakamura MM et al, Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, 164(12) (Abstract)

Electronic health records in ambulatory care--a national survey of physicians
DesRoches, Catherine et al, N Engl J Med, 359(1) (Full article)

Health information technology in the United States: the information base for progress
Blumenthal D et al, Princeton (NJ); Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2006 (Full article)

How common are electronic health records in the United States? A summary of the evidence
Jha AK et al, Health Affairs, 25(6) (Full article)

Use of Electronic Health Records in U.S. Hospitals
Jha AK et al, N Engl J Med, 360(16) (Full article)