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November, 2014

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8 article(s).
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A preliminary study of a cloud-computing model for chronic illness self-care support in an underdeveloped country
Piette, John D. et al, 40(6), pp: 629-632, Published: June 2011 (Abstract)

Health and the mobile phone
Patrick, Kevin et al, 35(2), pp: 177-181, Published: 12 June 2008 (Full article)

Infodemiology and infoveillance tracking online health information and cyberbehavior for public health
Eysenbach, Gunther, 40(5 Suppl 2), pp: S154-158, Published: May 2011 (Full article)

Integrating Clinical Practice and Public Health Surveillance Using Electronic Medical Record Systems
Klompas, Michael et al, 42(6, Supplement 2), pp: S154-S162, Published: 12 June 2012 (Abstract)

iPhone Apps for Smoking Cessation A Content Analysis
Abroms, Lorien C. et al, 40(3), pp: 279-285, Published: March 2011 (Full article)

Making health information technology sing for people with chronic conditions
Gruman, Jessie C., 40(5 Suppl 2), pp: S238-240, Published: May 2011 (Full article)

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Reminders for Children with High-Risk Conditions
Dombkowski, Kevin J. et al, 42(1), pp: 71-75, Published: 1 January 1970 (Abstract)

Usability and accessibility in consumer health informatics current trends and future challenges
Goldberg, Larry et al, 40(5 Suppl 2), pp: S187-197, Published: May 2011 (Abstract)

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