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December, 2014

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A case for using grid architecture in state public health informatics: the Utah perspective
Staes, Catherine et al, 9, pp: 32, Published: 22 June 2009 (Full article)

A global approach to the management of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) of patients with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: the experience of DREAM Software
Nucita, Andrea et al, 9(1), pp: 42, Published: 11 September 2009 (Full article)

A knowledge-based taxonomy of critical factors for adopting electronic health record systems by physicians: a systematic literature review
Castillo, Victor et al, 10(1), pp: 60, Published: 15 October 2010 (Full article)

A method for encoding clinical datasets with SNOMED CT
Lee, Dennis et al, 10(1), pp: 53, Published: 17 September 2010 (Full article)

A method for managing re-identification risk from small geographic areas in Canada
El Emam, Khaled et al, 10(1), pp: 18, Published: 2 April 2010 (Full article)

A stimulus to define informatics and health information technology
Hersh, William R., 9(1), pp: 24, Published: 15 May 2009 (Full article)

Access to electronic health records by care setting and provider type: perceptions of cancer care providers in Ontario, Canada
Orchard, Margo et al, 9(1), pp: 38, Published: 10 August 2009 (Full article)

Adoption of telemedicine: from pilot stage to routine delivery
Zanaboni, Paolo et al, 12, pp: 1, Published: 4 January 2012 (Full article)

An efficient record linkage scheme using graphical analysis for identifier error detection
Finney, John M. et al, 11(1), pp: 7, Published: 1 February 2011 (Full article)

An electronic health record-enabled obesity database
Wood, G. Craig et al, 12(1), pp: 45, Published: 28 May 2012 (Full article)

An interdisciplinary team communication framework and its application to healthcare 'e-teams' systems design
Kuziemsky, Craig et al, 9(1), pp: 43, Published: 15 September 2009 (Full article)

Application of biomedical informatics to chronic pediatric diseases: A systematic review
Moeinedin, Fatemeh et al, 9, pp: 22, Published: 5 May 2009 (Full article)

Application of Smart Phone in "Better Border Healthcare Program": A Module for Mother and Child Care
Kaewkungwal, Jaranit et al, 10(1), pp: 69, Published: 3 November 2010 (Full article)

Archetype-based conversion of EHR content models: pilot experience with a regional EHR system
Chen, Rong et al, 9(1), pp: 33, Published: 1 July 2009 (Full article)

Assessment of ePrescription quality: an observational study at three mail-order pharmacies
Astrand, Bengt et al, 9, pp: 8, Published: 26 January 2009 (Full article)

Automated De-Identification of Free-Text Medical Records
Neamatullah, Ishna et al, 8, pp: 32, Published: 24 July 2008 (Full article)

Automatic medical encoding with SNOMED categories
Ruch, Patrick et al, 8 Suppl 1, pp: S6, Published: 27 October 2008 (Full article)

Beyond the EPR: Complementary roles of the hospital-wide Electronic health record and Clinical department systems
Vedvik, Eivind et al, 9, pp: 29, Published: 12 June 2009 (Full article)

Building consensus about eHealth in Slovene primary health care: Delphi study
IljaĆŸ, Rade J. et al, 11, pp: 25, Published: 18 April 2011 (Full article)

CASE: a framework for computer supported outbreak detection
Cakici, Baki et al, 10(1), pp: 14, Published: 12 March 2010 (Full article)

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