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December, 2014

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'Mobile' Health Needs And Opportunities In Developing Countries
Kahn, James G. et al, 29(2), pp: 252-258, Published: 1 February 2010 (Abstract)

A Progress Report On Electronic Health Records In U.S. Hospitals
Jha, Ashish K. et al, 29(10), pp: 1951-1957, Published: 26 August 2010 (Abstract)

A survey analysis suggests that electronic health records will yield revenue gains for some practices and losses for many
Adler-Milstein, Julia et al, 32(3), pp: 562-570, Published: March 2013 (Abstract)

A survey of primary care physicians in eleven countries, 2009: perspectives on care, costs, and experiences
Schoen, Cathy et al, 28(6), pp: w1171-1183, Published: 2 November 2009 (Full article)

A Tale Of Two Large Community Electronic Health Record Extension Projects
Mostashari, Farzad et al, 28, no. 2, pp: 345-356, Published: March 2009 (Abstract)

A Toolkit For E-Health Partnerships In Low-Income Nations
Tierney, William et al, 29(2), pp: 268-273, Published: 1 February 2010 (Abstract)

Adding the patient perspective to comparative effectiveness research
Wu, Albert W. et al, 29(10), pp: 1863-1871, Published: October 2010 (Abstract)

Adoption Of Electronic Health Records Grows Rapidly, But Fewer Than Half Of US Hospitals Had At Least A Basic System In 2012
DesRoches, Catherine M. et al, Published online, Published: 9 July 2013 (Full article)

Adoption of health information technology for medication safety in U.S. Hospitals, 2006
Furukawa, Michael F. et al, 27(3), pp: 865-875, Published: May 2008 (Abstract)

Adoption of health information technology in community health centers: results of a national survey
Shields, Alexandra E. et al, 26(5), pp: 1373-1383, Published: September 2007 (Full article)

An Agenda For Action On Global E-Health
Gerber, Ticia et al, 29(2), pp: 233-236, Published: 1 February 2010 (Abstract)

Building A Health Informatics Workforce In Developing Countries
Hersh, William R. et al, 29(2), pp: 274-277, Published: 1 February 2010 (Abstract)

Can electronic medical record systems transform health care? Potential health benefits, savings, and costs
Hillestad, Richard et al, 24(5), pp: 1103-1117, Published: September 2005 (Full article)

Cell-Phone Medicine Brings Care To Patients In Developing Nations
Feder, J. Lester, 29(2), pp: 259-263, Published: 1 February 2010 (Full article)

Clinical Decision Support Systems Could Be Modified To Reduce ‘Alert Fatigue’ While Still Minimizing The Risk Of Litigation
Kesselheim, Aaron S. et al, 30(12), pp: 2310-2317, Published: December 2011 (Abstract)

Coding Complexity: US Health Care Gets Ready For The Coming Of ICD-10
Meyer, Harris, 30(5), pp: 968-974, Published: May 2011 (Abstract)

Collecting And Sharing Data For Population Health: A New Paradigm
Diamond, Carol C. et al, 28, no. 2, pp: 454-466, Published: March 2009 (Abstract)

Computerized Order Entry
Gumpper, Karl F. et al, 28, no. 4, pp: 1231-a-1232, Published: 1 July 2009 (Full article)

Computerized Order Entry: The Authors Respond
Aarts, Jos et al, 28, no. 4, pp: 1232, Published: 1 July 2009 (Full article)

Connecting Information To Improve Health
Hammond, W. Ed et al, 29(2), pp: 284-288, Published: 1 February 2010 (Abstract)

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