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December, 2014

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A comparison of usability methods for testing interactive health technologies: Methodological aspects and empirical evidence
Jaspers, Monique W.M., 78(5), pp: 340-353, Published: 29 November 2008 (Abstract)

A computational framework to identify patients with poor adherence to blood pressure lowering medication
Mabotuwana, Thusitha et al, 78(11), pp: 745-756, Published: 24 July 2009 (Abstract)

A cross-case analysis of technology-in-use practices: EPR-adaptation in Canada and Norway
Boulus, Nina et al, Article in Press, Corrected Proof, Published: 31 July 2008 (Abstract)

A development framework for semantically interoperable health information systems
López, Diego M. et al, 78(2), pp: 83-103, Published: February 2009 (Abstract)

A human factors and survey methodology-based design of a web-based adverse event reporting system for families
Daniels, Jeremy P. et al, Article in Press, Corrected Proof, Published: 21 February 2010 (Abstract)

A novel method for inferring RFID tag reader recordings into clinical events
Chang, Yung-Ting et al, Online first, Published: 19 October 2011 (Abstract)

A quantitative analysis of the impact of a computerised information system on nurses' clinical practice using a realistic evaluation framework
Oroviogoicoechea, Cristina et al, 78(12), pp: 839-849, Published: 19 September 2009 (Abstract)

A usability evaluation of a SNOMED CT based compositional interface terminology for intensive care
Bakhshi-Raiez, Ferishta et al, Online first, Published: 24 October 2011 (Abstract)

Accuracy of medication documentation in hospital discharge summaries: A retrospective analysis of medication transcription errors in manual and electronic discharge summaries
Callen, Joanne et al, 79(1), pp: 58-64, Published: 3 October 2009 (Abstract)

Across the Atlantic cooperation to address international challenges in eHealth and health IT: Managing toward a common goal
Friedman, Charles P. et al, 78(11), pp: 778-784, Published: 5 September 2009 (Abstract)

Adopting electronic medical records in primary care: Lessons learned from health information systems implementation experience in seven countries
Ludwick, Dave A. et al, 78(1), pp: 22-31, Published: 21 July 2008 (Abstract)

Adoption of electronic health records in Korean tertiary teaching and general hospitals
Yoon, Dukyong et al, Online first, Published: 27 December 2011 (Abstract)

Ageing-in-place with the use of ambient intelligence technology: Perspectives of older users
van Hoof, J. et al, Online first, Published: 24 March 2011 (Abstract)

An analysis of clinical queries in an electronic health record search utility
Natarajan, Karthik et al, Advanced online, Published: 23 April 2010 (Abstract)

An e-consent-based shared EHR system architecture for integrated healthcare networks
Bergmann, Joachim et al, 76(2-3), pp: 130-136, Published: 1 January 1970 (Abstract)

An exploration of the impact of computerized patient documentation on clinical collaboration
Weir, Charlene R. et al, Online first, Published: 5 February 2011 (Abstract)

Anatomy of a failure: A sociotechnical evaluation of a laboratory physician order entry system implementation
Peute, Linda W. et al, 79(4), pp: e58-e70, Published: 28 July 2009 (Abstract)

Application of data mining to the identification of critical factors in patient falls using a web-based reporting system
Lee, Ting-Ting et al, Online first, Published: 5 November 2010 (Abstract)

Applying the archetype approach to the database of a biobank information management system
Späth, Melanie Bettina et al, Online first, Published: 4 December 2010 (Abstract)

Architecture of a wireless Personal Assistant for telemedical diabetes care
García-Sáez, Gema et al, 78(6), pp: 391-403, Published: 21 January 2009 (Abstract)

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