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December, 2014

systematic review

Mapping mHealth Research: A Decade of Evolution

Fiordelli M et al, J Med Internet Res, 15(5)

For the last decade, mHealth has constantly expanded as a part of eHealth. Mobile applications for health have the potential to target heterogeneous audiences and address specific needs in different situations, with diverse outcomes, and to complement highly developed health care technologies. The market is rapidly evolving, making countless new mobile technologies potentially available to the health care system; however, systematic research on the impact of these technologies on health outcomes remains scarce.
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Published: 21 May 2013 |
Keyword(s): Literature Review, mHealth, Outcome, Systematic Review

The Effectiveness of Mobile-Health Technology-Based Health Behaviour Change or Disease Management Interventions for Health Care Consumers: A Systematic Review

Free C et al, PLoS Med, 10(1)

Mobile technologies could be a powerful media for providing individual level support to health care consumers. We conducted a systematic review to assess the effectiveness of mobile technology interventions delivered to health care consumers.
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Published: 15 January 2013 |
Keyword(s): Behavior, Disease Management, Effectiveness, mHealth, Systematic Review

The effectiveness of interventions using electronic reminders to improve adherence to chronic medication: a systematic review of the literature

Vervloet M et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 2012

Many patients experience difficulties in adhering to long-term treatment. Although patients’ reasons for not being adherent are diverse, one of the most commonly reported barriers is forgetfulness. Reminding patients to take their medication may provide a solution. Electronic reminders (automatically sent reminders without personal contact between the healthcare provider and patient) are now increasingly being used in the effort to improve adherence.
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Published: 25 April 2012 |
Keyword(s): Alerts and Reminders, Effectiveness, literature, Medication Adherence, Systematic Review

Gestión del control de acceso en historiales clínicos electrónicos: revisión sistemática de la literatura

Carrión Señor I et al, Gaceta Sanitaria, 2012

This study presents the results of a systematic literature review of aspects related to access control in electronic health records systems, wireless security and privacy and security training for users.
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Published: 15 March 2012 |
Keyword(s): Electronic Health Records, Literature Review, mHealth, Privacy, Safety, Systematic Review, Wireless technology

Impact of electronic medical record on physician practice in office settings: a systematic review

Lau F et al, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 12(1)

Increased investments are being made for electronic medical records (EMRs) in Canada. There is a need to learn from earlier EMR studies on their impact on physician practice in office settings. To address this need, we conducted a systematic review to examine the impact of EMRs in the physician office, factors that influenced their success, and the lessons learned.
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Published: 24 February 2012 |
Keyword(s): Canada, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Impact, Systematic Review

Benefits and risks of structuring and/or coding the presenting patient history in the electronic health record: systematic review

Fernando B et al, BMJ Quality and Safety, 2012

Patient histories in electronic health records currently exist mainly in free text format thereby limiting the possibility that decision support technology may contribute to the accuracy and timeliness of clinical diagnoses. Structuring and/or coding make patient histories potentially computable.
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Published: 10 February 2012 |
Keyword(s): Coding, Decision Support, Electronic Health Records, Free text, Systematic Review

Home telehealth for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Polisena J et al, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 16(3)

We conducted a systematic review of the literature about home telehealth for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) compared with usual care. An electronic literature search identified 6241 citations. From these, nine original studies (10 references) relating to 858 patients were selected for inclusion in the review. Four studies compared home telemonitoring with usual care, and six randomized controlled trials compared telephone support with usual care.
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Published: 2 March 2010 |
Keyword(s): COPD, Digital Homecare, Systematic Review, Telemedicine

Systematic review of studies of the cost-effectiveness of telemedicine and telecare. Changes in the economic evidence over twenty years

Mistry H. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 2011

A systematic review of studies of the cost-effectiveness of telemedicine and telecare was undertaken from 1990 until September 2010. Twelve databases were searched, using economic evaluation terms combined with telemedicine terms. The search identified 80 studies which were classed as full economic evaluations; the majority (38) were cost-consequence analyses. There were 15 cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) and seven cost-utility analyses (CUA).
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Published: 18 November 2011 |
Keyword(s): Cost-effectiveness, Systematic Review, Telecare, Telemedicine

Comparison of user groups’ perspectives of barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic health records: a systematic review

McGinn CA et al, BMC Medicine, 9

Electronic health record (EHR) implementation is currently underway in Canada, as in many other countries. These ambitious projects involve many stakeholders with unique perceptions of the implementation process. EHR users have an important role to play as they must integrate the EHR system into their work environments and use it in their everyday activities. Users hold valuable, first-hand knowledge of what can limit or contribute to the success of EHR implementation projects. A comprehensive synthesis of EHR users’ perceptions is key to successful future implementation. This systematic literature review was aimed to synthesize current knowledge of the barriers and facilitators influencing shared EHR implementation among its various users.
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Published: 28 April 2011 |
Keyword(s): Canada, Electronic Health Records, Implementation, Systematic Review

Impact of Telemedicine Intensive Care Unit Coverage on Patient Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Young LB et al, Arch Intern Med, 171(6)

Although remote intensive care unit (ICU) coverage is rapidly being adopted to enhance access to intensivists, its effect on patient outcomes is unclear. We conducted a meta-analysis to examine the impact of telemedicine ICU (tele-ICU) coverage on mortality and length of stay (LOS).

We conducted a systematic review of studies published from January 1, 1950, through September 30, 2010, using PubMed, CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature), Global Health, Web of Science, the Cochrane Library, and conference abstracts. We included studies that reported data on the primary outcomes of ICU and in-hospital mortality or on the secondary outcomes of ICU and hospital LOS.
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Published: 28 March 2011 |
Keyword(s): Mortality, Patient Outcomes, Systematic Review, Tele-ICU, Telemedicine

Content Overlap in Nurse and Physician Handoff Artifacts and the Potential Role of Electronic Health Records: A Systematic Review

Collins SA et al, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2011

The aims of this systematic review were: 1) to analyze the content overlap between nurse and physician hospital-based handoff documentation for the purpose of developing a list of interdisciplinary handoff information for use in the future development of shared and tailored computer-based handoff tools, and 2) to evaluate the utility of the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standard as a framework for organizing hospital-based handoff information for use in electronic health records (EHRs).
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Published: 2 February 2011 |
Keyword(s): CCD, Electronic Health Records, Hand-off, Interdisciplinary, Nurses, Physicians, Systematic Review, United States

Effectiveness and impact of networked communication interventions in young people with mental health conditions: A systematic review

Martin S et al, Patient Education and Counseling, 2011

Examine the effectiveness and impacts of the networked communication technologies used by health care professionals for the treatment of adolescents/young adults with mental health disorders.
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Published: 15 January 2011 |
Keyword(s): Communication, Effectiveness, Impact, Mental Health, Systematic Review, Technology, Young people

Impact of health information technology interventions to improve medication laboratory monitoring for ambulatory patients: a systematic review

Fischer SH et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 17(6)

Medication errors are a major source of morbidity and mortality. Inadequate laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications after initial prescription is a medical error that contributes to preventable adverse drug events. Health information technology (HIT)-based clinical decision support may improve patient safety by improving the laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications, but the effectiveness of such interventions is unclear. Therefore, the authors conducted a systematic review to identify studies that evaluate the independent effect of HIT interventions on improving laboratory monitoring for high-risk medications in the ambulatory setting using a Medline search from January 1, 1980 through January 1, 2009 and a manual review of relevant bibliographies.
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Published: 1 November 2010 |
Keyword(s): Clinical decision support, Health Information Technology, Medication Errors, Systematic Review

Which Intervention Characteristics are Related to More Exposure to Internet-Delivered Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Interventions? A Systematic Review

Brouwer W et al, J Med Internet Res, 13(1)

The Internet has become a popular medium for the delivery of tailored healthy lifestyle promoting interventions. The actual reach of Internet-delivered interventions seems, however, lower than expected, and attrition from interventions is generally high. Characteristics of an intervention, such as personally tailored feedback and goal setting, are thought to be among the important factors related to of use of and exposure to interventions. However, there is no systematic overview of which characteristics of Internet-delivered interventions may be related to more exposure.
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Published: 6 January 2011 |
Keyword(s): Behaviour, Exposure, Internet, Lifestyle, Systematic Review, Web Based Intervention

Telerehabilitation in stroke care – a systematic review

Johansson T, Wild C. J Telemed Telecare, 17(1)

We conducted a systematic review of telerehabilitation interventions in stroke care. The following databases were searched: Medline, Embase, DARE-NHSEED-HTA (INAHTA) and the Cochrane Library. Nine studies, all published after 2000, were included in the review. A wide variety of telemedicine interventions in post-stroke rehabilitation care was identified. Four studies had been carried out in the USA, two in the Netherlands, two in Italy and one in China. There were four randomized controlled trials and one qualitative analysis. Four studies used an observational study design/case series.
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Published: 19 November 2010 |
Keyword(s): Stroke, Systematic Review, Telemedicine, Telerehabilitation

The effectiveness of M-health technologies for improving health and health services: a systematic review protocol

Free C et al, BMC Research Notes, 3(1)

The application of mobile computing and communication technology is rapidly expanding in the fields of health care and public health. This systematic review will summarise the evidence for the effectiveness of mobile technology interventions for improving health and health service outcomes (M-health) around the world.
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Published: 6 October 2010 |
Keyword(s): Effectiveness, mHealth, Systematic Review

Effectiveness of telemedicine: A systematic review of reviews

Ekeland AG et al, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 79(11)

To conduct a review of reviews on the impacts and costs of telemedicine services.

A review of systematic reviews of telemedicine interventions was conducted. Interventions included all e-health interventions, information and communication technologies for communication in health care, Internet based interventions for diagnosis and treatments, and social care if important part of health care and in collaboration with health care for patients with chronic conditions were considered relevant. Each potentially relevant systematic review was assessed in full text by one member of an external expert team, using a revised check list from EPOC (Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group) to assess quality. Qualitative analysis of the included reviews was informed by principles of realist review.
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Published: 2 October 2010 |
Keyword(s): Effectiveness, Outcome, Systematic Review, Telecare, Telemedicine

The impact of electronic health records on time efficiency of physicians and nurses: a systematic review

Poissant L et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 12(5)

A systematic review of the literature was performed to examine the impact of electronic health records (EHRs) on documentation time of physicians and nurses and to identify factors that may explain efficiency differences across studies. In total, 23 papers met our inclusion criteria; five were randomized controlled trials, six were posttest control studies, and 12 were one-group pretest-posttest designs. Most studies (58%) collected data using a time and motion methodology in comparison to work sampling (33%) and self-report/survey methods (8%). A weighted average approach was used to combine results from the studies.
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Published: 19 May 2005 |
Keyword(s): CPOE, Efficiency, Electronic Medical Record System, Electronic Medical Records, Literature Review, Nurses, Physicians, Systematic Review

Improving clinical practice using clinical decision support systems: a systematic review of trials to identify features critical to success

Kawamoto K et al, BMJ, 330(7494)

To identify features of clinical decision support systems critical for improving clinical practice.

Systematic review of randomised controlled trials.
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Published: 14 March 2005 |
Keyword(s): Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, Professional Practice, Randomized Controlled Trials, Systematic Review

Diffusion of innovations in service organizations: systematic review and recommendations

Greenhalgh T et al, The Milbank Quarterly, 82(4)

This article summarizes an extensive literature review addressing the question, How can we spread and sustain innovations in health service delivery and organization? It considers both content (defining and measuring the diffusion of innovation in organizations) and process (reviewing the literature in a systematic and reproducible way).
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Published: 9 December 2004 |
Keyword(s): Evidence-Based Medicine, Implementation, Innovation, Systematic Review, UK

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